Hello! Name's Nicolas.

Hey there, I'm Nicolas Grima. An Entrepreneur, Business Owner and Developer heavily involved in the Minecraft industry. In just a couple of years, I've built myself an empire within the community. All through self-driven learning, without formal education or a college degree.

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Play Games Interactive

May 2022 - Present

Minecraft Development and Server Setup team focused on crafting exceptional products for clients.

  • Job: Chief Executive Officer


April 2024 - Present

Easy to use, fun and friendly company operative with all-in-one AI functionality. Bringing AI life to Discord.

  • Job: Lead Developer/Engineer


Jan 2024 - Present

Fortnite UEFN Map creators and developers focused on bringing fun gamemode ideas to life with our team.

  • Job: Managing Director
Project Manager Marketing Manager Community Manager IT Technician Server Setup Developer NodeJS, HTML & CSS